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Used Parts Notice



A part classified as used or reclaimed is one that has been obtained from a disposed or salvaged vehicle. Parts from vehicles in a typical junkyard are classified for the most part, as used or

reclaimed. Used/reclaimed parts can also be procured from private individuals who are parting out their non-operational vehicle. Examples of this abound in sources such as craigslist. 

 Used parts warranty

We take great care in parts procurement and sourcing of parts. All of our parts are quality assurance inspected. We stock only the highest grade reclaimed parts available. Buyers of reclaimed parts must always remember that a used/reclaimed part is not to be viewed upon like a new part although high grade used parts are sometimes just as good as new in appearance and function.  Used parts have no expressed or implied warranty and are sold as is. Having been in business since 2010 and sold thousands of reclaimed parts, our statistics show 99.1 percent customer satisfaction with procurement of used parts from us. This percentage is substantially higher than industry averages. 

Quality criteria

A used part's grade is determined by not what it looks like in your hand but how it appears installed on or in the vehicle. This is a very important consideration. For instance minor surface surface pitting on a plastic chrome emblem might look objectionable in customer's hand but look perfect installed on the car therefore making it a perfectly suitable replacement. Once you use this criteria, it makes used part appreciation easy and reduces unnecessary disappointment. 

Used part installation

Some parts are easy installs and require no special skills however in most cases removal of damaged parts and installation of replacements require knowledge and skills. Proper tools are also needed to get the job done safely and effectively. It is therefore recommended that if you feel the task at hand is not what you can perform then it is best to have the part/s installed by qualified and experienced professionals. If you decide to do the work yourself, we recommend to at least always have and consult the applicable factory service manual as a guide and follow all recommendations and instructions.